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Art Exercises!

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Basically, this community exists as a way to help challenge artists to express their more creative side. It's not a contest, we're just here for fun... so artists of all genres, skill levels, styles, or whatever.. Feel free to join in! You don't need permission or do apply, just jump right in whenever you want to. We welcome everyone and encourage all participation!

Every week, three random subjects will be picked, and it's up to you to include the three together somehow into a picture. Put as much or as little effort as you want into it, it's really up to you! All the pictures will then be posted up together before the next challenge is annouced. Generally, new themes and the results from the previous challenge are posted on a FRIDAY, with a reminder post on THURSDAY.

To discourage art theft, all posts will be made friends only, but anyone is free to join. To submit your work, just comment to the entry and include your image using the img src tag. Make sure you have good image hosting; Image Shack tends to be buggy.. I recommend using Livejournal's photohosting service or Photobucket.
Other challenge types to come soon once we gain some more members.

This community is about expression and creativity, not rules and boundaries. However, just to be safe, we have to set a few ground rules down.

1) your picture must include ALL three subjects of that week. Find a way to make this work, this is what makes it a

2) art theft of any kind is NOT tolerated. Do not trace, copy, or in any way steal another persons ideas! Please make sure that you are submitting your OWN work.

3) you are free to catch up on past weeks. Late submissions are allowed!

Theme subject suggestions can be made

If you're confused about the idea behind this community,
here's some examples.

YES, you CAN submit more than one image. and YES, there will be other challenges types!

If you have any further questions, please ask a moderator for help!

Week One: Mushrooms, Reading, Oil (RESULTS HERE)

Week Two:
Technology, Bouncing, Super Powers (RESULTS HERE)

Week Three:
Paint Brushes, Ray/Lazer Guns, Cake / Art Revamp (RESULTS HERE)

Week Four:

Week Five:
Self portraits (RESULTS HERE)

art_tutorials, euphorasia artists

If you would like to help spread the word, we would really appreciate some promotion. Just let a friend know about us if you know some fellow artists, or plug us at a community, we appreciate any growth. Just please, do not spam other people's journals. Make sure they're you're friends and that you're not bugging people, okay?

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Community Layout by minty_peach. Userinfo layout by blumchen. All artwork contained within is the sole intellectual property of the participants of that challenge. Please do not reuse or duplicate without the artists direct permission. Art Theft? Repost it to me or to THEM